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Changes Coming to Tuesday's City Council Meeting

Some changes will be coming to City Council meetings during Tuesday's Amarillo City Council meeting.

The February 14th meeting of the Amarillo City Council will be the first to feature public comment at the beginning of the meeting. According to statements made by Mayor Paul Harpole, during the last meeting of the City Council, this change is being made to allow concerned residents to make statements at the beginning of the meeting, without having to wait the full meeting to make statements. Mayor Harpole said that according to research conducted by City staff, the change will put Amarillo in line with the majority of cities in Texas.

Also, during the meeting's work session, the City Council will be swearing in a new city manager. Jared Miller will officially be sworn in as the new City Manager of Amarillo, according to the meeting's agenda. Miller will officially become Amarillo's newest permanent city manager, following the departure of Jarrett Atkinson, in 2015. Following Atkinson's departure from Amarillo, Terry Childers and Bob Cowell have both served as interim city manager for Amarillo.

Other items on Tuesday's agenda include a resolution declaring expectation to reimburse expenditures with proceeds of future debt and a resolution regarding the City's participation in the Texas Enterprise Zone Program. Council members will also discuss appointments to several boards, including the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation, the Amarillo-Potter Events Venue District, the Bi-City-County Health District Board, the Community Development Advisory Committee, the Construction Advisory and Appeals Board, the Quail Creek Public Improvement District Advisory Board and the Traffic Advisory Board.

The meeting will be held at Amarillo City Hall (509 SE 7th Avenue) on Tuesday. A work session will take place at 4pm and the regular meeting will begin at 5pm.

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