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Editorial: Amarillo Matters Hypocrisy

Amarillo Matters is back at it, showing off its hypocrisy for the entire town to see.

This week, Amarillo Matters released another statement telling residents and voters that downstate political action committees are spending money in Amarillo races and do not have the best interests of Amarillo at heart.

"We remain committed to the belief that these groups do not have our area's best interest at heart and continue to ask voters to do their research," Amarillo Matters wrote on Facebook.

I have previously talked about the hypocrisy of the group's actions in previous articles. Led by Steve Pair and funded by mega-donors like Joe Bob McCartt's McCartt & Associates, Amarillo Matters spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in 2017's municipal races to influence voters. The group did so not just by spending on behalf of certain candidates, but also by smearing those whom they disagreed with.

The group alleges that Empower Texans and other downstate groups are trying to buy elections in Amarillo. In fact, one person connected with Amarillo Matters recently said that one "wealthy Midland donor" is funding all of Empower Texans. It is worth noting that one of the largest donations to Empower Texans from a Midland donor during the last reporting cycle actually matched the donation given to Amarillo Matters by McCartt & Associates in 2016. Perhaps, Amarillo Matters has no shame in taking that donation?

As I have stated previously, Amarillo Matters should seriously consider its own actions before unleashing words toward downstate groups. Obviously, Mr. Pair and Amarillo Matters are directly contradicting their own words but do not care.

Because of the lack of shame from Amarillo Matters and its personnel, voters should plan to reject Amarillo Matters and its candidates in 2018.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

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