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Legal Signs: How Candidates Can Keep Yard Signs Legal

As the election season in Amarillo is quickly approaching, residents may begin noticing yard signs popping up across Amarillo. While this is very common, there are some steps that campaigns must take to ensure that each sign is legal in the eyes of the State of Texas.

According to the Texas Ethics Commission, every yard sign in Texas must carry a disclaimed of who paid for the sign. The words "Political Advertising Paid for By" or some abbreviated version of this phrase must appear on each yard sign placed. The name disclaimed must also feature the name of the candidate, the candidate's campaign or a committee filed on record with a local political filing authority or the Texas Ethics Commission. For example, candidates may not place "The Committee to Elect Judge Joe Smith" on a sign unless a committee with that specific name currently exists on record with filing authorities.

Candidates must also have a road disclaimer on each sign. The road disclaimed tells those placing the signs what restrictions are held in state law for political yard signs. The exact wording on the sign must say "NOTICE: IT IS A VIOLATION OF STATE LAW(CHAPTERS 392 AND 393, TRANSPORTATION CODE) TO PLACE THIS SIGN IN THE RIGHT-OF-WAY OF A HIGHWAY."

Candidate must also have the word "for" on their sign, immediately proceeding the office being sought unless the candidate is an incumbent for the office being sought. The word "for" must also be no less than half the font size of the of the office being sought by the candidate.

Each of these rules is enforceable by the Texas Ethics Commission.

For more information about these rules or for information about filing a complaint, visit

Photo by Tribe Design

Photo by Tribe Design

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