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Texas Woman Accused of Mailing Explosives to Obama, Abbott

A Texas woman has been accused of mailing explosives to President Barack Obama and Governor Greg Abbott.

According to court documents, Julia Poff, 46, is charged with mailing explosive devices to President Barack Obama and Governor Greg Abbott in 2016. Poff also is accused of sending a third package to the Social Security Administration in Maryland.

Court documents say that Poff was known to dislike President Obama and was angry with Governor Abbott because she had not received support from her husband.

Investigators traced materials in the packages to Poff, according to the Texas Tribune. A cigarette box that was found inside of one of the packages was purchased near Poff's home. Investigators say a salad dressing cap was found inside of Governor Abbott's package that was from the same brand of salad dressing that Poff had purchased for an anniversary dinner.

A cell phone belonging to Poff's daughter was found inside of the package sent to President Obama, investigators say, and cat hairs that are consistent with Poff's cats were found underneath the label of the package sent to the President.

Poff has been charged with six criminal counts, including mailing injurious articles and transporting explosives with the intent to kill and injure.

Photo by IBTimes

Photo by IBTimes

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