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Western Builders, Hunt Construction Awarded Contract for MPEV

The firm that will be in charge of building Amarillo's multi-purpose event venue baseball field has been selected.

Western Builders, a local construction company, is set to build the baseball stadium, alongside the nationally-based Hunt Construction Group. The two entities were selected by the Amarillo City Council and members of the Amarillo Local Government Corporation to build the MPEV with a projected completion date in April of 2019.

Both companies will be building the stadium based on a preliminary design that was selected during a Surveymokey hosted online poll. Respondents to the poll chose a design for the MPEV that was ultimately approved by local officials.

City Councilmember Eddy Sauer praised the design for the baseball stadium as a "great choice."

The $45 million stadium is set to host a baseball team to be owned by David G. Elmore's Panhandle Baseball Club, Inc. Elmore's AA team that is currently playing in San Antonio is set to move to Amarillo as part of a location shakeup for teams owned by the sports promoter Elmore and his son, D.G. Elmore.

The stadium will be paid for by Hotel Occupancy Tax collections, HOT-backed bonds, lease payment from the team and potentially Public Improvement District bonds, which will be backed by property taxes collected within a PID.

Amarillo's projected baseball stadium will host the team for at least 20 years and potentially up-to 30 years, as the City Council must approve a renovation plan for the stadium by the year 2035. Renovations must be completed on the stadium by the year 2038, or the team will have the opportunity to break the lease.

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