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Agencies Work to Coordinate Response to Hazmat Situation

Multiple agencies will be working together in a continuing response to a recent HAZMAT incident in Amarillo.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Texas Panhandle Poison Center, and the Environmental Protection Agency will all be working in a collaborative response to investigate a recent HAZMAT incident on Carolyn. Currently, information available from the City says that the event occurred through a misuse of the pesticide known as aluminum phosphide.

The City is assuring the community that the site is secure and does not pose any health risks to the surrounding community.

The City is also still looking for information about the whereabouts of the chemicals.

"While it appears that this tragic incident has been contained, concerns remain about whether this product may still be present in the community." The City wrote in a press release, "If you believe that you have or know the whereabouts of this regulated pesticide, please contact the Poison Center at 800-222-1222. A representative will have a series of questions to assist you in determining appropriate steps to follow based upon the information you provide."

For those in the community that are not licensed pesticide applicators who may have aluminum or zinc phosphide in their possession, the City suggests that you contact the Poison Center.

For more information about the continuing response to this event, or about information regarding disposal of the chemical, visit

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