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AFD Releases Statement on Pesticide Incident

Following an incident involving pesticide at 1301 Carolyn, Amarillo Fire Department captain Larry Davishas released the following statement.

"At 5:04am the Amarillo Fire Department responded to a medical call at 1301 Carolyn.

Our initial crew arrived on scene and found one person unconscious and unresponsive, and numerous other occupants sick. CPR was initiated on the unresponsive person, but rescue was unsuccessful.

Due to the nature of the scene, Carbon Monoxide poisoning was initially suspected.

Additional fire and ambulance units were called out, along with the Amarillo Fire Department Hazardous Materials Response Team. Nine other occupants were transported to a local hospital. CPR was initiated on another patient, and firefighters and AMR personnel continued CPR efforts on the patient in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. This 2nd patient was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the ER.

After interviewing other family members, it was discovered that they were using a pesticide under their home that contains the chemical Aluminum Phosphate. At some point, a family member tried washing the chemical from underneath the house with water. When this chemical comes in contact with water, it creates Phosphine gas, which is highly poisonous and can cause pulmonary edema and respiratory failure. It is unknown at this time how long the family had been exposed to this gas.

At the time of this press release, the fatality count is up to 4 persons, all believed to be minors who were occupants in the home. Numerous first responders from AFD, APD and AMR went to the hospital to get checked out, and none of them appear to have any negative signs or symptoms from a possible exposure.

APD's Special Crimes unit also responded to this incident. At this time, this appears to be an accidental poisoning with no criminal intent."

We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

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