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Thornberry Authored NDAA Passes House of Representatives

A defense spending bill backed by Congressman Mac Thornberry (TX-13) has passed the United States House of Representatives.

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2017, penned by Senator John McCain of Arizona, passed the House by a vote of 375-34. This is the second NDAA bill to be passed, during Thornberry's time as Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Thornberry praised the bill's passage, saying, “Above all else, this bill is focused on supporting the men and women who keep our nation safe. It provides them the full pay raise to which they are entitled by law, it improves their health care system, it ensures they receive the equipment and training they need to do their jobs, and much more...It also makes a clear statement to our friends and adversaries across the world that the United States will have the means to defend itself, and it begins to reassure the men and women who serve our nation that whatever they are asked to do, they will be prepared and supported fully.”

The bill offers $619 billion for national defense spending. According to Thornberry's office, this is $3.2 billion more than originally requested by President Barack Obama.

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Photo by Breaking Defense

Photo by Breaking Defense

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