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Editorial: A Misunderstanding in a Yellow City

Since late 2015, a group of activists and volunteers, calling themselves Yellow City Community Outreach, broke onto the scene. The group did not have much backing from many authority figures or high influence donors, but what they did have was spirit. They began fighting hard and their presence was very easily noticed. Today, Yellow City Community Outreach continues to impress, with a "Tiny Housing" led by roofer Dan Ferguson and multiple public outreach events led by Kit Rudd.

Unfortunately, some in the community fail to see the importance behind YCCO. A recent piece, published by another  local publication, was sent to us at The Amarillo Pioneer. The piece charges local homeless advocates with making themselves feel good, and claims that the advocates are ignoring the real problems with homelessness.

It seems, after having conversations with Ferguson, Rudd, this group was never meant to be about feeling good. Although they help feed homeless and shelter homeless, it was always about so much more than that.

I will always remember the first time I met Rudd, Ferguson and Seright. The group was at Elwood Park, hosting a barbeque after Rudd's week of sleeping on the streets of Amarillo, and meeting local homeless. But, these three were not the only ones there. Many people, of all ages, were at this event helping Yellow City Community Outreach. It is truly remarkable to see one or two people come out and help with an event. But they had many more than that, and it was for a cause that was benefiting others, instead of themselves.

I went and talked to Kit Rudd, and I remember why he said that he does what he does.

"If I can help one homeless person on the street, my job here is done." Rudd told me.

This group was always about starting a conversation and a new culture. When this many people, of all ages, are working for a cause, the effects will be seen far and wide. Yellow City's message had been spreading like a wildfire, and it is for a cause that is near and dear to many people's hearts. They have started a conversation, and have been heard loud and clear.

This group was not about making one or two people feel good about themselves. This group was about creating a conversation. And a conversation is exactly what they have created.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

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