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Profile: Miguel Suazo, Democrat for Land Commissioner

The following is a compilation of the unedited responses from Miguel Suazo, Democratic candidate for Texas Land Commissioner, to the 2018 Amarillo Pioneer Voter Guide Questionnaire. Suazo is running against Republican incumbent George P. Bush and Libertarian Matt Pina in the November election.


Miguel Suazo

Office Sought:

Commissioner of the Texas General Land Office


Energy and Natural Resources Attorney

Please list any of your political, civic or non-profit experience.

Intern – Us Senator Pete Domenici. Intern – US Senator Jeff Bingaman. Regional Field Representative – US Senator Jeff Bingaman, Managed a Judicial Campaign, Served a Executive Director of Energy Non-Profit.

What is your educational background?

Georgetown University and The UNM School of Law

What experience do you have that qualifies you for this position?

I am the most qualified candidate on the ballot for Commissioner of the General Land Office (GLO) because my education and experience have prepared me to execute the duties of the office. As a former staffer to U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) I have worked on issues related to land use planning, education, veterans, environmental protection, and economic development—all of which are integral to the mission of the GLO. As an attorney who manages a regional law firm, I also understand how to run a successful business and what it takes in order for businesses to succeed, generally. As an energy and natural resources professional, I will be able to provide direction on mineral leasing for supporting education, a key duty of the GLO, and also stewardship of our Texas lands for the next generation. Most importantly, the best resume isn’t what determines success unless you have the ability to get a job done. I have demonstrated leadership and success at each stage of my career and I look forward to showing how my unique abilities as a manager and a leader will translate into success for the GLO and the people of Texas. 

What will be your top priority, if elected?

Protecting the Texas coast and cities from future natural disasters and ensuring that people impacted by Harvey are not forgotten in the weeks and months ahead.

What should the future be for the historic Alamo site?

The Alamo should be overseen by the GLO in a transparent manner that reveres and remembers those who lost their lives. The Alamo should not become a spectacle or an attraction for the benefit of special interest groups and opportunists looking to make a profit.

What are your plans for overseeing the administration of the Permanent School Fund?

I would ensure that the appointees to the PSF are well-equipped to hold their position by making sure that the Governor and the Attorney General know the issues faced by the PSF. As an oil and gas lawyer who negotiates leases and analyzes GLO issues, I am well-trained to ensure that the people of Texas get the best deal possible. 

In regards to veterans programs at the GLO, do you have any plans to change or improve any of the current programs overseen by the office?

First and foremost, I want to ensure that as many veterans as possible know about the benefits that are available to them through the GLO. Within 30 days of taking office, I will initiate a review of the various veteran and historically underutilized business programs and make sure that these programs are operating effectively. I will then sit down with beneficiaries of these programs and key staff to look for areas where innovation within these programs might be implemented. 

Are you supported by any political action committees? If so, which ones?

Not at this time.

Do you have any aspirations for higher office?


Why should voters choose you in 2018?

I am the most qualified candidate on the ballot with a proven track-record of success and demonstrated ability to lead—something that is vitally needed at the GLO. I have the experience that the GLO needs and that Texans deserve. 



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