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Profile: Weston Martinez, Republican for Railroad Commissioner

The following is a compilation of the unedited responses from Weston Martinez, candidate for Railroad Commissioner, to the 2018 Amarillo Pioneer Voter Guide Questionnaire. Martinez is running in the March 6th Texas Republican primary against incumbent Christi Craddick. The winner of the Democratic nomination will face the Republican nominee in November.


Weston Martinez

Office Sought:

Railroad Commissioner



Please list any of your political, civic or non-profit experience.

Texas Statewide Commissioner 6+ years, Republican party of Texas Executive Team Committeeman, Executive Pastor, former Private School Board President       

What is your educational background?


Why did you decide to run for Railroad Commissioner?

This office presents the perfect opportunity to put my oil and gas experience to work for the people of Texas, and ensure that the Texas Railroad Commission remains committed to conservative principles and reasonable regulation so the oil and gas industry in our state continues to thrive. Whether it’s developing solutions to complex challenges like potential induced seismicity, or fighting the assault on Texas oil and gas, I’ll wake up every day to do my very best for all Texans and the promotion of our Texas values.  I jumped in the last primary on the last day, where there were multiple well-funded candidates.  I received 250,000 votes from the great citizens of Texas, which I am looking to build upon. Please visit to see why Texans are supporting me.

What experience do you have that qualifies you for this position?

1: My first had Oil & Gas experience as a business owner, where I worked with Operators and land owners within the confines of the regulated oil and gas industry in the Eagle Ford Shale. 2: My 6 + years’ experience as Texas Real Estate Commissioner gives me a unique perspective & knowledge of the process and the role of a commissioner. I was chairman of the budget committee the past several years for the Commission. 4: 20+ years of working in the regulated telecom industry, where the majority of my career was spent working as a lead outside plant design engineering manager for a fortune 100 Telecom company headquartered in Dallas. 5: I have always fought for the promotion of conservative principles. This race is between Conservative grass roots oil and gas businessman Weston Martinez who has been at the forefront of every conservative battle and a Establishment moderate that wouldn’t even endorse Donald Trump in the General election or Texans Ted Cruz, and or Rick Perry in the Primary. To be more specific

What will be your top priority, if elected?

Day 1 Repealing the Tax my opponent put on Texans. Over all priorities Protect land owners and business owners and stop running commission like a dictatorship. For land owners we must always focus on making changes at the commission that better protect private property rights while still encouraging oil and gas development. How we deal with allocation wells (wells drilled across multiple tracts of land where the production is allocated by the operator) would be one example of how we can strengthen land owners’ rights and still encourage development.

Business owners want to be treated fairly, and work in an environment of predictability.Staff treatment must professional and legal. 

Do you support renaming the Railroad Commission? Please explain.

Absolutely! I am the only one in this race who wants to do so.
No one knows why Texas’ energy regulator is called the Railroad Commission when it has nothing to do with trains. The reason why is people like Christi Craddick are standing in the way of good government and transparency. Craddick doesn’t want the name changed and wants the agency to continue to be mired in secrecy. I’m for educating Texans about what the Railroad Commission does and how it makes sure that oil and gas production are done safely.

Should any duties of the Railroad Commission be reformed?

The customer service must increase over all, operators are disgusted with the new POPS it system among other client interfaces. I was a innovator at the Texas Real estate commission and will do so as Railroad commissioner.

Are you supported by any political action committees? If so, which ones?

Lone Star Liberty, Jonathan Saenz Personal endorsement Patriot Texas Pac, others are coming out these next few weeks.

Do you have any aspirations for higher office?


Why should voters choose you in 2018?

Weston is the only candidate in this race who actively endorsed and supported Ted Cruz and then Republican Nominee Donald Trump. 
I Served 6+ years as Texas Real Estate Commissioner: I understand the mechanics of a Texas Commission and the role of a commissioner. I was confirmed by the Senate after being appointed by Governor Perry and now serve under Governor Abbott fulfilling my entire term. Engaged Conservative leader: as explained above I have been at the forefront of every conservative political fight we have recently faced. Not a lawyer. 
To be more specific here are some additional distinctions partially shown below:
*Weston Martinez will be a fair and predictable Commissioner who regulates only with our conservative’s governmental principles and values.
* Weston Martinez will repeal the Tax/fee created on the industry.
* Weston Martinez won’t be taking votes to personally benefit my individual holdings.
* Weston Martinez won’t treat the commission as my personal business.
* Weston Martinez will make sure all operators and landowners are heard not just the Huge ones.
* Weston Martinez will treat staff with basic professionalism and respect
* Weston Martinez won’t run the rail road commission like a dictator but as a Servant leader.
*If we don’t have energy independence we will never have liberty.

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Photo by Martinez Campaign

Photo by Martinez Campaign

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