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Bonnen Gets Republican Challenger

Speaker Dennis Bonnen will face a primary challenge from the grassroots conservative movement in 2020.

This week, Lake Jackson Republican Rhonda Seth announced her intention to challenge Rep. Dennis Bonnen in the 2020 Republican primary for his House District 25 seat. Seth said she decided to jump into the race after feeling that Bonnen had let down the constituents of his district.

"Recently, Dennis Bonnen said on social media that more women need to put their names on the ballot. To him, I say, 'Challenge accepted,’” Seth said in a statement.

Seth’s announcement makes her the first challenger to Bonnen in 2020. Bonnen was most recently re-elected in 2018, winning the November election unopposed after defeating primary opponent Damon Rambo in the Republican primary.

Dennis Bonnen/Photo by Campaign

Dennis Bonnen/Photo by Campaign

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