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Former City Council Candidate Calls Out Korine to Make Amarillo-Based Film

Former Amarillo City Council candidate Hayden Pedigo has a new mission - getting Harmony Korine to make a movie about Amarillo.

This week, Pedigo began running billboards along digital locations on Interstate 40, asking Korine to make a film about Amarillo. Korine’s unique films like “Gummo” and “Spring Breakers” attracted Pedigo due to their “bizarre” qualities, which the former politician says Amarillo certainly possesses.

“His movies are very bizarre and Amarillo would be the perfect backdrop,” Pedigo said.

Pedigo says specifically, Amarillo has the uniqueness to represent the real “authenticity” of America.

“His films represent the weird authenticity of America. Amarillo has all these different characters that make this city interesting,” Pedigo said.

But what would be the best name for the Amarillo film, if Korrine chose to take Pedigo’s advice to make a film in the Panhandle?

“That’s for Harmony to decide,” Pedigo said.

Pedigo/Photo from Campaign Video

Pedigo/Photo from Campaign Video

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