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Candidate Comparison: Amarillo City Council Place 4

Candidate Comparison: Amarillo City Council, Place 4

From Left: Steven Rosas (Challenger), Howard Smith (Incumbent)  Photos by Campaigns

From Left: Steven Rosas (Challenger), Howard Smith (Incumbent)

Photos by Campaigns

We have asked candidates running for various local offices to answer questions for our Voter Guide. While full responses are available at, we are offering you shortened versions in “Candidate Comparisons” ahead of the May 4th election. Each response below came directly from the candidate’s questionnaire and are unedited.

Steven R. Rosas, Jr. (Challenger)

Occupation: Independent Contractor

Do you support repairing or rebuilding the Thompson Park pool, and if so, how do you plan to pay for the project? If not, why?

“I do support the repair or rebuilding of the Thompson park pool! I would suggest putting in due diligence (with a committee) to find the best available outcome, possibly funneling unused or transferable funds from another budget, a loan from AISD was mentioned, discovering available bonds, as well as private investors. The options are out there provided the representatives want to do the work.”

What should the future be for the Civic Center complex?

“I definitely think our Civic Center should have been a first priority in a ‘Downtown Revitalization Project’. Expansion and updates to accommodate 2 to 3 times as many customers and patrons would be my dream come true.”

What should the City of Amarillo's role be in preventing homelessness in Amarillo? How do you plan to implement that role?

“The City of Amarillo should play an ACTIVE role in preventing in homelessness! I read an article that I quote, ‘In order to reduce homelessness, cities must be ‘willing to go anywhere and do anything to rescue and rehouse a homeless person’. I support, the successful, ‘Housing First’ method, and I believe in ACTION. I’m willing to go anywhere and do anything to rescue and rehouse!”

In what cases would you support the issue of certificates of obligation to incur debt for municipal projects? Please explain.

“In cases where the lack public or social services would greatly hinder the ability for citizens to go about the actions of daily living and activities, would I support certificates of obligation.”

In 2018, the Amarillo City Council voted to add more red light cameras to Amarillo streets. At a time when Governor Abbott is pledging to ban the use of the cameras in the state, do you believe this contract was a wise investment? Why or why not?

“Red light cameras are a BAD INVESTMENT. As stated in the question, Governor Abbot is pledging to ban the cameras, which have not been proven to be actually beneficial. It’s simply a project that targets and FEES already struggling citizens.”

Would you support the establishment of single-member districts for Amarillo City Council elections? Please explain.

“Yes, it’s what the citizens are requesting and our large city needs more diverse representative engagement, and I think single member districts will do that!”

Howard S. Smith (Incumbent) – Did Not Respond

Candidate Comparison: Amarillo City Council Place 3

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