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City Council Candidate Torch: Why Must We Be So Divided?

By Brad Torch

I often wonder why we have to create such division between one another. I am finding more times than not, that once we find others’ differences, we use them to separate ourselves as superior. Recently, I posted, what I thought was a funny meme on my personal Facebook page. This meme might have been of poor taste, depending on who you ask. It had political undertones, but all in all, I shared it because I thought it had a good comedic value. 

The very next day, I received a post in response to the meme that I had posted. The post was made by a Facebook “friend”, someone whom I met in person once, and really thought was an overall nice guy.  We kindly argued back and forth with each other, both passionate about our views, when it struck me that he blindly labeled me as a Democrat. He wasn't completely wrong, as I am registered as a Democrat, however, I don't necessarily believe in everything, every Democratic politician believes in.  Even if I did, I certainly didn't know this friend long enough to have implied so.

The argument progressed and it appeared that he really wanted me to know he didn't agree with my politics because I was “associated” with people like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  I’ve never really liked Hillary Clinton and I have never met Bernie Sanders so I’m pretty sure I’m not “associated” with either.  I do agree with some of their ideas, but not all. I'm almost certain that if me and my “friend” sat down and had a conversation, he would see that we might agree on more than he might think.  He used the difference between us to be more superior, without even knowing what differences we really have.

We ended the conversation on a positive note. I will never let politics or any other silly argument lead me to anger and I refuse to resort to name calling or being irrational. We are certainly all entitled to our opinions and ideas, and that is something I can respect. I can’t blame him for using our differences to boost his superiority, I’m sure I’ve done it a time or two or ten. I have become more aware of it, so I’d like to think I don’t do it as much.  I think we all need to stop and think while arguing our positions, that just because we have a different view, does not always mean our view is any better than anyone else's, we just don’t see it the same way.  Just because we don’t see eye to eye on something, doesn't mean we don’t see eye to eye on everything.  Sit down and have a conversation, that is how we learn.

Torch/Photo by Campaign

Torch/Photo by Campaign

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