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Amarillo Matters Hits Mailboxes for First Time in 2019 Cycle

Amarillo Matters has sent out its first mailer to voters in the area, targeting voters 65 years and older.

On Wednesday, several Amarillo seniors reported receiving a mailer from Amarillo Matters with instructions on how to vote by mail. The mailer called on voters to “[keep] Amarillo on the right track” and re-elect all five members of the Amarillo City Council during the May 4th election.

The mailer was pre-sorted from Thomas Graphics, Inc. and featured cards that would assist voters in obtaining a mail-in ballot. The mailer also had a cutout featuring the names of the candidates it has endorsed for the May 2019 elections.

The group has worked with similar strategies in the past, also utilizing the mailing to older voters in the May 2017 elections. That year, the group spent heavily to elect five new members to the Amarillo City Council, including Mayor Ginger Nelson.

Amarillo Matters is a general-purpose political action committee that has helped elect officials like Kel Seliger and the current Amarillo City Council. The group has previously received funding from a small group of donors over the past two years, and has worked with consultants like Murphy Nasica on its campaign strategies.

Voters will decide these races on May 4th.

Amarillo Matters Mailer  Photo by Thomas Warren III

Amarillo Matters Mailer

Photo by Thomas Warren III

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