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Place 2 Candidate Harper: I'm Staying Positive

By Treva Harper, candidate for Amarillo City Council Place 2

Political campaigns are crazy! The more people running, the more personalities, and the more drama. Such is life I suppose. Add in money and anything can happen! In the end, many people try to sling mud and trash other people instead of staying on the issues and focusing on what can be done to improve things. No one likes that.

Another issue that can creep into elections is the corruption. I have seen a little of both in this campaign already, and it’s not over yet. I expect mud to start flying everyday from now on. I do not plan on going that route. I plan on staying positive.

That said, I want to relate an experience I had and shed some light on it so as to clarify my position on it. I was approached by a person who suggested that if I agreed with certain incumbents’ positions I would get an appointment to some office when I lost my race. No, not naming names, it doesn’t matter. I do not even know if the incumbents were aware of this conversation or not. I don’t care either.

What I do care about is that anyone would dare to approach me and ask me to sell out the good people of Amarillo. If there is any truth to it then the corruption is real and must be stopped. It is totally and completely unacceptable and I reject it completely and with no hesitation.

Now at the many events around town that the candidates will be attending you will see me be polite and mannerly to all candidates, even the incumbents. I do this because I am a civil adult. Not because anyone has influenced my positions, opinions or given me any promises of a job. My campaign is my own and my positions are my own.

So let me sum it up this way, no one owns my campaign, determines my vote with money or manages my campaign for me. I am a very independent person and do not rely on others to drive my campaign.

So while the mud may fly, it is my desire to rise above it. That said, I will not let lies go unchallenged. I have no desire to fight with people, it is not worth it. If you have to throw mud and make false accusations or offer bribes to win your election then that is just proof that you are on shaky ground and not interested in a fair campaign.

So, you can vote for me, or vote for the incumbent. If you vote for me, you get me. I do not come with any strings, obligations or indebtedness to anyone.

I do not sell out!

Photo by MarketWatch

Photo by MarketWatch

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