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Noah's Remark: Freedom Rings as Billups Wins in Court

The winds are blowing strong today, and with them came a gust of freedom, as mayoral candidate and activist Kip Billups was acquitted at trial for a charge regarding his protest against Amarillo’s anti-camping ordinance.

Last year, in defiance of the ordinance, Billups, along with other activists, set up camp on the steps of city hall, where Billups was then arrested and charged with obstructing a passageway. The trial for his case finally occurred today, which resulted in an acquittal. As Mr. Billups has said, the prosecution had “a really weak case.”

The result of this case is a win for not only Kip Billups, but for freedom and justice. The entire premise of American history is that of a refusal to obey unjust laws. The next step now is to vote out the incumbent mayor and council members, who have failed to fix the issues Mr. Billups was protesting.



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Billups Acquitted: Protesting Charges Against Mayoral Candidate Dismissed