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Editorial: 2019 Candidate Field Good for Amarillo

In just the central Amarillo area, twenty-seven candidates will appear on the May 4th ballot. That’s right, twenty-seven candidates. This field appears to be at least the largest since the 2011 local election in Amarillo.

This group of candidates is large and quite diverse. Former judges, attorneys, veterans, business owners, volunteers, case workers, realtors, doctors, and retirees are just some of the candidates who will appear on the ballot. The candidates’ ages vary wildly, with young candidates like Hayden Pedigo taking their first shot at elected office, and longtime elected officials like David Woodburn looking for re-election. Some candidates have faced scandals and others are fresh to the political scene. Some proclaim to be conservative, some liberal, some libertarian, and others anywhere in between.

This field of candidates for 2019 is particularly fascinating. Each candidate seems to bring some major concern or agenda to the table. Some issues are mainstream, and others are new ideas.

A twenty-seven candidate field, along with an $89 million bond issue on the ballot, is good for Amarillo. Perhaps this year, voters will feel they have a reason to head to the polls.

Please vote this May.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by MarketWatch

Photo by MarketWatch

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