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Thornberry Votes Against House Funding Bill, as Federal Shutdown Continues

On Wednesday, Representative Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) joined a Republican minority in voting against an appropriations bill to fund some shuttered agencies affected by the federal government shutdown.

In a 240-188 vote, the House passed a bill to fund some agencies affected by the federal government shutdown, as congressional leaders and the White House are reportedly negotiating through the government shutdown. The house bill would fund the IRS, Federal Communications Commission, the Small Business Administration and the federal judiciary, among other departments, according to the Star-Tribune. The vote went mostly along party lines, with eight Republicans crossing to back the bill. Thornberry was one of 188 members, all Republicans, to vote against passing the appropriations package.

The package will now advance to the next stage, but would not completely fund all departments affected by the shutdown. Much of the discussion on the shutdown has centered around a wall being built on the southern U.S. border, with President Donald Trump taking to television last night to push for the wall. However, congressional Democrats are not sold on approving the wall.

Photo by Speaker Ryan’s office

Photo by Speaker Ryan’s office

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