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Mayoral Candidate Herman: Stop Senior Isolation

By Richard Herman, candidate for Amarillo mayor

Join me in stopping Senior Isolation in our community.

Did you know feelings of loneliness and isolation can lead to serious consequences for a senior person’s health? Understanding the causes and risk factors for senior isolation can help us prevent it in our community. Nobody relishes the prospect of aging without a spouse or family member at their side, without friends to help them laugh at the ridiculous parts and support them through the difficult times. Yet, that is just what many seniors in our community face.

Our social contacts tend to decrease as we get older for many reasons, including retirement, the death of friends and family, or lack of mobility. Regardless of the causes of senior isolation, the consequences can be alarming and even harmful. Even perceived social isolation — the feeling that you are lonely — is a struggle for many older people. Senior Isolation is a correctable atrocity in our community, and that’s why when I’m elected to be the Mayor of Amarillo, I plan on this being one of my top priorities, I’m asking everyone to join with me in solving this issue and look forward to each of your input.

Herman/Photo by Campaign

Herman/Photo by Campaign

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