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Want to Run for Office This May? Here's What You Need to Do.

Are you an aspiring politician? Do you want to make your community better? Maybe you have always wanted to be on the City Council, or maybe you have some burning issue you want addressed. Whatever your reason is, if you are considering running for office, tomorrow is the day when business starts to pick up.

If you plan to run, here’s what you need to do:

1). Appoint a treasurer.

State law prohibits candidates from accepting any donations or spending any money on their campaigns without a treasurer on hand. Choose someone to be your treasurer, and file this form with your filing authority.

2). File for a place on the ballot.

Filing for a spot on the ballot begins on January 16th and runs through January 15th. You MUST file for a spot on the ballot in order to see your name as an option on election day. Fill out this form and file it with your filing authority.

3). File your finance reports.

Finance reports showing your donations and expenditures are due on certain dates. Make sure you keep an accurate ledger, or you could be fined. File this form with your filing authority for finance reports.

4.) Campaign.

This is the big one. Get out there and meet voters. Your chance to run for office is something special. Make the most of it.

5). Vote!

If you’re running for office, you probably should vote for yourself. Early voting starts on April 22nd, and election day is May 4th. Pick a day and go vote!

Photo by Florida Politics

Photo by Florida Politics

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