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Banned from Public Comment?: City Says Disruptors will be Barred from 'Further Audience'

"Disruptors" beware: your time in front of the City Council may be coming to an end.

On Tuesday night, city manager Jared Miller unveiled a new slide on the City Council's weekly PowerPoint presentation. In the presentation, Miller said that the City Council plans to begin enforcing a rule aimed at curbing "personal attacks" in meetings. Miller said the choice to enforce the rule came as a result of public comment presentations last week.

"Last week did not represent who we are as a community or who we are as individuals," Miller said. "This is not a forum to talk about a Councilmember's faith...neither is it an opportunity to question a Councilmember's veteran status or how they care for other veterans."

According to the slide from the meeting, the Amarillo Municipal Code for that issue reads, "Any person making personal, impertinent or slanderous remarks, or who shall become boisterous while addressing the City Council, or any person who shall refuse to abide by the orders of the presiding officer of the City Council shall forthwith be barred from further audience before the City Council."

Miller did not elaborate on how long a person will be "barred from further audience" if they violate the code of conduct. Miller also said that the City Council did not enforce the code of conduct last week.

The Amarillo Pioneer has reached for comment and clarification on the rules. A spokesperson for the City of Amarillo has yet to return our request, as of press time.

*Article amended

City Manager Jared Miller  Photo by HCPUA

City Manager Jared Miller

Photo by HCPUA

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