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Editorial: How Can We Fix Government's Falsehoods?

Something I absolutely hate is when government bends truth to get some objective completed.

Last week, I spoke to a friend of mine who was concerned about ongoing ordeals within local government structures. Specifically, this person wanted to discuss the sports venues, but the conversation also turned to general tax increases and more. The one theme that constantly reoccurred in the conversation was the feeling that government at all levels has been bending the truth to achieve ridiculous goals.

I agree with the sentiment that government has bent the truth to reach its objectives. It is easy to see, whether looking at something as large as the federal government, or even something as small as a school district, how the government has twisted words, facts or more to accomplish goals. And, believe me, I am not saying that this is only Amarillo's government bending the truth, but government at every level and everywhere.

How do we fix this? I am not sure that there is an easy fix, but there is something that we can do. Vote.

This year, voters will have the choice to vote for state legislative and executive offices all over Texas. Local voters will also be sending someone to the U.S. Senate, someone to the U.S. House and someone to the County Courthouse.

If you feel that government is broken and is not serving the people, you can fix it by voting. We, the voters, have to ensure that the correct people are being sent to represent us. We shouldn't be looking to hand someone their next career, but instead we should look to find someone who actually wants to be a representative. This will suit everyone best.

So, as we are approaching this July 4th holiday, remember the importance of this event. Our founders declared independence from Great Britain. Don't let their sacrifices and efforts be in vain. Exercise your right to change history and commit yourself to voting this November!

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by MarketWatch

Photo by MarketWatch

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