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Editorial: Amarillo's Most Engaged Community

Out of all of the areas of Amarillo, one area seems to have better representation and engagement than any other area of the city - Potter County's Precinct 2.

Precinct 2, which covers a large part of east Amarillo, has consistently shown itself to be one of the most engaged in Amarillo. Last year, I attended a town hall hosted by Commissioner Mercy Murguia and could not believe how high the attendance was for this meeting. Typically, it seems to be like pulling teeth to get citizens to attend government meetings. In this case, people were packed into the meeting venue and people were actually lined up along the wall. This isn't something that you see everywhere.

Also, Precinct 2's elected officials seem to be just as engaged in their community, as the community is engaged in its government. Commissioner Murguia is consistently seen around her district, and all of Amarillo, listening and advocating for residents. Murguia has also been one of the most fiscally responsible members of the Potter County Commission and has earned praise for her ability to reason through complex economic issues, while still trying to strike the right balance for her district.

Judge Richard Herman and Constable Georgia Estrada are also heavily engaged in their community. Herman and Estrada are often seen working with those in their community. Additionally, Estrada has brought Potter County into state and national spotlight, since winning the Texas Justices of the Peace and Constables Association Constable of the Year award.

Potter County's Precinct 2 has been one of the most engaged in county affairs and this should be heavily praised. If other elected officials in Amarillo were more like Precinct 2's, perhaps we could better government and a more engaged citizenry than today.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

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