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Letter: Sod Poodles for the Win

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted for publication by Michael Patrick

Outrageous. That is the best way to describe the selection of names for the baseball team. But, as I read about it more and more, I understood why the team managers would like the name Sod Poodles. It's an homage to prairie dogs and Amarillo is like the prairie capital of America.

So, I will vote for the Sod Poodles. Let's hope that the Sod Poodles will sweep the division and take home the pennant.

Editor's note: The Sod Poodles are one of five finalists selected in the Amarillo Professional Baseball "Name the Team" sweepstakes. The winner of the sweepstakes will become the new name of the relocated baseball team.

Photo by Evans, Colorado

Photo by Evans, Colorado

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