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Editorial: Overstreet Campaign's Social Media is Top Notch

It is becoming clear that of all the candidates running in the May 22nd Republican runoff election in Amarillo, Wade Overstreet's campaign has the best social media game today.

Overstreet, a prosecutor running for Potter County Court at Law #2, has been utilizing social media in an incredibly effective way for his upcoming matchup with attorney Matt Hand. Overstreet has used a combination of video and engaging content to blend a strong message ahead of his election.

One of the best features of Overstreet's recent social media endeavors has been his use of actual statistics from cases that have gone before the County Court at Law #2. The use of the numbers, combined with short summaries of Overstreet's experience have made for a unique blend. It also highlights Overstreet's criminal trial experience versus his opponent, who Overstreet's campaign has alleged has "zero" criminal trial experience, according to a press release from his campaign.

Overstreet has not been the only candidate to successfully use social media on his campaign. James Abbott, who was defeated in the March 6th primary for a Randall County court position, and Len Walker, who is in the runoff for Potter County Court at Law #1, both used videos as a way to engage viewers who might not otherwise follow campaign issues. Steven Michael Denny, an Amarillo criminal defense attorney and volunteer firefighter, who is the runoff for 320th District Judge, has also shown a real understanding of how to use social media effectively.

For candidates considering running for office in the future, Overstreet and the other candidates mentioned above seem to be blazing a brand new trail for Amarillo elections. The Overstreet campaign, in addition to Walker and Abbott, may have just created the new blueprint for how to use social media in a way that wins.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by Overstreet Campaign

Photo by Overstreet Campaign

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