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Letter: No Punishment Needed

The following Letter to the Editor was submitted for publication by Ryan Green

Dr. Sauer, you don't understand your job very well. Do you?

I was very disappointed to read in the Amarillo Pioneer (4-10, that Eddy Sauer said that punishment is needed for those who violate the City Council's rules. I don't think Eddy understands why he was elected. I voted for a few of the people up there and I won't do that again. I thought we were going to get a different deal. Now it's just the same old ballgame (pardon the pun).

I don't need another mother or father. I needed a City Council. But it doesn't look like we got that. I'm disappointed in Dr. Sauer for his comments. I don't think the people need punishment. If they think that way, we will punish them when we vote next time.

Photo by Sauer Campaign

Photo by Sauer Campaign

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