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Editorial: Judicial Races Extremely Important for Potter Residents

Six candidates will be on the May 22nd runoff ballot for Potter County Republicans. Three will secure spots in their desired courts and the judiciary of Potter County will look different for at least the next four years.

Potter County voters have quite a bit at stake on May 22nd. For the County's Court at Law spots, four lawyers are running to occupy two spaces. In one race, hybrid experience is the theme, with both candidates sporting private practice experience, as well as experience as a prosecutor. The other race contains one candidate with decades of county government experience, while the other candidate features experience in one of the largest firms in Amarillo. Another race for a District Judge seat pits a criminal defense attorney and volunteer firefighter against a long-time judge.

All three races are incredibly important.

On May 22nd, voters will have very tough calls to make. Cases running through these three courts could include family law matters, civil matters and criminal matters. Many people in Potter County will be affected by the outcome of these three races, as will the court structure of Potter County itself. All three contests also guarantee Potter County voters that there will be three new judges come January of 2019. The question of who will occupy those spaces is what is still left to be determined.

Randall County voters had a similar vacancy this year and chose Matt Martindale from a three-candidate field to replace the retiring Judge Ronnie Walker. Now it is Potter County's turn.

As a reminder, here are the three races and the candidates:

320th District Judge (Replacing the retiring Don Emerson)

  • Steven Michael Denny, criminal defense attorney/volunteer firefighter

  • Pamela Cook Sirmon, incumbent Potter County Court at Law #2 judge

Potter County Court at Law #1 (Replacing the retiring W.F. "Corky" Roberts)

  • Len Walker, attorney at 6th Street Law Office

  • Walt Weaver, attorney at Hermann & Weaver

Potter County Court at Law #2 (Replacing the retiring Pamela Sirmon)

  • Matthew Hand, attorney at Brown & Fortunato

  • Wade Overstreet, prosecutor

These races have a major importance for Potter County and it is very important that voters make their voices heard in these crucial races. Mark your calendars and go vote on May 22nd.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-In-Chief

Photo by KSUT

Photo by KSUT

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