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Last Pitch: Len Walker, Republican for Potter Court at Law #1

We invited every local judicial candidate to give us their last pitch for voters on why they should be chosen in the March 6th Republican primary. We will be running responses on Friday and Monday.

Len Walker, Republican for Potter County Court at Law #1

Why should voters choose you on March 6th?

County Court at Law #1 handles a wide variety of issues within jurisdictional limits, and criminal cases make up the largest portion of the docket. In the future, I can see the court needing to take on a larger load of family law cases. My experience and current case load match the needs of the Court.

I hit the ground running after law school and immediately began my trial practice in New Mexico, Texas and the Federal courts. The issues have included employment law, civil disputes, and of course, criminal trials ranging from simple assaults and DWI up through murder and kidnapping. After twenty five years, I am well prepared to immediately get the trial docket moving while providing fair and impartial rulings that follow the rule of law. As Judge, my standing goal each day will be to seek actual justice in every case. The people of Potter County can expect the Court to work efficiently while striving to achieve the highest judicial standards. I have the proper temperament, disposition and experience to operate a court that will make Potter County proud.

For those reasons, I am asking for the voters support and confidence on March 6th.

Photo by Len Walker Campaign

Photo by Len Walker Campaign

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