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Meet a Neighbor: Stacy Lavon

1. Name & occupation?

Stacy Lavon, Owner at Studio3313 (a DIY bar and local artisan shop on 6th) with my partner Kim Kraaier. 

2. What led you to Amarillo? How long have you been here?

College actually led me to Amarillo by way of my Uncle Tom Campbell. I started working at his store Center City Furniture on Polk in 2003 and I’ve been in Amarillo ever since. 

3. What is a memory you have about the region that is no longer here?

Midnight Rodeo. This was my first large bar I’d ever walked in to. Also the first and last time I’ve line danced. 

4. What are some events that happened in your life that made you who you are?

I’ve been shaped by many things. Coming to realize that things happen for a reason is a biggie. You may not realize it at the moment of being in a horrible situation, but it comes years later. 

5. Where would you spend all your time if you could?

Anywhere my heart takes me is where I’d spend time. I’m a free spirit that wants to roam the Countryside. My goal is to see as many places that Kim and I can see together before our time is up. It’s about making memories. 

6. Do you volunteer or sit on a board? Is yes where? If no where would you want to?

I have volunteered at Amarillo Housing First, Habitat for Humanity, Chive on Amarillo, Prison Paws, United Way and Panhandle Pride. I believe a community should be one. We all come from different walks of life, lets share our experiences. 

7. What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping.  Whether it be with a group or by myself.  I don’t care if you see someone needing help, you stop and help them. End of story. 

8. What is the strangest thing you've ever come across?

Strangest thing I’ve ever come across....hmmm... I’ll be honest, I dumpster dive I am an artist that I can make art out of anything that is my goal in life. The strangest thing I’ve ever come across was a female dog having puppies. Then took her and the dogs home. 

9. What is something you can never seem to finish?

Never will I finish my love for art. There’s always something new to make and do.

10. What do you wish Amarillo had or did not have?

I wish Amarillo had more live music and non smokey hangouts. A safe place to have fun!

11. What direction do you think Amarillo is headed?

I think Amarillo is headed in a good direction with traffic flow. But honestly the debacle about the City in a whole is wearing us a down. We all need to be in a better place together, not on opposite sides. 

12. What else should readers know about you?

They should know we are the only local artists of all favors place. Come see what we have and take class. Heck just come by hang out and tell me your tale :-) I’ll always have an open ear!!

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