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Comparing Ideology: How Conservative Are Price and Seliger?

Senator Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo) and State Representative Four Price (R-Amarillo) are both seeking re-election to the Texas Legislature in 2018. For both of these incumbents, primary challengers have lined up to challenge their tenure and the issue of conservatism has become a central one.

With this in mind, the Amarillo Pioneer set out to find out where Price and Seliger stand in scorecards issued by various legislative groups. We combed through the scores from groups such as conservative titan the American Conservative Union to find out how conservative Amarillo's legislators truly are. We also included the rankings from Rice University's Mark P. Jones to the Texas Tribune to see a non-political ranking of the legislators.

The American Conservative Union

Founded in 1964, the American Conservative Union is the largest and first organization representing conservative Americans. Every year, the group also makes headlines when it hosts the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, which has attracted speakers such as President Ronald Reagan and President Donald Trump.

Rankings (2015 Session)

Seliger - 75% (2nd Least Conservative Republican in the Senate)

Price - 76%

Mark P. Jones Rankings

These rankings were provided by Mark P. Jones to the Texas Tribune in 2015 to grade the legislators during the 2015 session. The methodology considered the how conservative or liberal legislators were based upon their voting records.

>0.1 - More Conservative

<0.1 - More Liberal

Rankings (2017 Session)

Seliger - Around -0.2 (Least Conservative Republican in the Senate)

Price - Around -0.2 (24th Least Conservative Republican in House)

Photos by Price Campaign, Bob Dammerich (Texas Tribune)

Photos by Price Campaign, Bob Dammerich (Texas Tribune)

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