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Texas Republican Primary Question Targets MPEV Similar Projects

Republican voters in Texas are planning to decide a platform question that could target projects such as the downtown Amarillo baseball stadium project.

According to the Texas Republican Party's ballot, Question 11 that Republican voters will decide on March 6th would add a provision of the Texas Republican Party's platform that would prohibit the use of tax dollars to fund the construction of sports stadiums.

"Tax dollars should not be used to fund the building of stadiums for professional or semi-professional sports teams," the proposition reads. Voters will then have the choice to vote "Yes" or "No" on the proposition.

A two-thirds majority of Republican executive committee members voted to add the question to the March ballot, along with nine other questions that address issues such as property tax reform. While the ballot issues in the primary elections do not have any bearing on the creation of law, the propositions are used as a way to survey the mood of the Texas Republican electorate when they vote on March 6th.

As the platform question addresses only the use of "tax dollars" to fund construction of stadiums, the Amarillo stadium would be included in such an issue. The downtown Amarillo baseball stadium is being partially funded with the use of hotel occupancy tax dollars, along with the possible use of public improvement bonds and a lease payment from the team.

All voters casting a ballot statewide in the March 6th Republican primary will vote on the question.

For more information about all of the ballot issues voters will decide on March 6th, please visit

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