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Hailed as 'New Beginning' for Amarillo, City Breaks Ground on Stadium Site

City officials broke ground on the future home of the downtown baseball stadium during a ceremony on Thursday.

Pitching the construction as a "new beginning" for Amarillo, residents gathered to watch City officials and Councilmembers dig on the site that will become the downtown baseball park. Formerly the home of Amarillo's Coca-Cola property, the now-vacant dirt field has been prepared for several months in anticipation of today.

Speaking to the crowd assembled, team owner Dave Elmore said that Amarillo is a unique place for the stadium and that the team is excited to help small charities in Amarillo.

"We want to help low charities," Elmore said. "A baseball park is a place where that can happen."

The stadium was also pitched as a "new beginning" for Amarillo. The team's new manager hailed the team's move to Amarillo as "a new beginning for this team and a new beginning for Amarillo."

The stadium is projected to be completed in April of 2019.

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