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Texas Elections Offices Purging Voter Rolls

Counties across Texas will be purging their voter rolls this month.

In December, as required by state law, voters who have not voted in two consecutive legislative election cycles are eligible to be purged from the voter rolls. Voters are sent voter registration certificates and if a certificate is returned to sender, the voter falls into a “suspense” category. The voter will then be notified to change their mailing address and if the voter does not update the address or vote in two election cycles, they will be removed from the rolls and would be required to register to vote again, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s office.

According to WFAA-TV, you are only eligible to be purged from the voter rolls if you have moved, have not changed your address, and have not voted in four years. Voters who cast ballots in 2016 or 2018 will not be on the list to be purged from the voter rolls.

For information on how to register to vote, or to see if you are currently registered to vote, please visit

Photo by KSUT

Photo by KSUT

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