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Editorial: Don't Waste Your Rights

It seems that every day, more and more, our government continues to ignore citizens. This is often noticed on a national setting, but more often than not, people forget to notice this locally.

Unfortunately, it seems our government has forgotten what its role is versus the citizens’ roles. Citizens are often treated like inconveniences, as requests for public information are shrugged off and citizens are forced out of meetings or public gatherings. There are also times when citizens who are involved in their government are called liars or are ridiculed by government officials. This is all very troubling.

Luckily, though, Amarillo will soon have a chance to decide its own fate in relation to the government and the public’s relationship. Voting is a sacred right, that we are lucky to have in the United States. We get to choose our representatives and leaders, with our voices weighted the same as our neighbors’.

Don’t stay home on election day and let your neighbor choose your representatives for you. Get out and vote, and if you are interested, maybe even consider making a bid for office. Without your participation, the government will continue to ignore citizens. But, maybe, if citizens are willing to step up and make their voices heard, government will be forced to listen.

Please mark your calendar. Election day is in May 2019. Get informed, get empowered, and make a difference. Amarillo is counting on you.

-Thomas Warren III, Editor-in-Chief

Photo by MarketWatch

Photo by MarketWatch

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