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Thornberry Says Electing Democrats Could Lead to Impeachment

In a brand new commercial released on social media on Tuesday, Representative Mac Thornberry (R-Clarendon) is making his final re-election push of 2018, saying electing Democrats nationwide could lead to investigations and impeachment of President Donald Trump next year.

On Election Day, Thornberry’s campaign released a new commercial on social media, warning his supporters about what he sees as the consequences of replacing Republican congressmen with Democrats.

“The decisions you make at the ballot box have profound implications for the area, for the state and for the nation at large,” Thornberry said. “For example, if enough people around the country decide to replace Republican congressmen with Democratic congressmen, Nancy Pelosi will return to the speaker’s chair. We will go back to the sort of agenda that brought us Obamacare…all of the things that have put a damper on our economy will come back.”

Thornberry then went on to say impeachment is possible, if Democrats take control of Congress this November.

“Certainly we will see a lot of investigations and maybe even impeachment when it comes to the Trump Administration,” Thornberry said.

Thornberry is currently running for re-election, facing Democrat Greg Sagan and Libertarian Calvin DeWeese in the November election.

Thornberry  Photo by Breaking Defense


Photo by Breaking Defense

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