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Hart: It's Time for a Voter Uprising; Vote Next Year!

By Ron Hart

When we think of an uprising the first thing we think about are war torn countries. We think of oppression. We think of being told what you will like and you must accept it without question. These are things we don’t have to deal with in America thankfully. Right?

Our once thriving city of Amarillo has become a testimony of the battle raging between the city council members and the ones I dub, the Freedom Fighters. Though a small group at the beginning it is steadily growing. Sad thing is they don’t even have to do much to grow. Just sit back and watch the show as city hall contradicts itself, forces things on the citizens of Amarillo, and has questionable business dealings. They hide things that should be readily released and available to the public. Why? What is going on behind the scenes? Why does it seem that a group called Amarillo Matters runs city council and everyone is lining their pockets? These are questions ALL should be asking.

The city changed the meeting times as they don’t like confrontation on these matters. Why else would they change it? There have been dogs put down and it has been an “accident”.

It is time to STAND UP and fight to maintain who we are. Maintain our FREEDOM! Are we really the sheep they see us to be? Are we really going to let them pull a magic trick like they did with the stadium and the name? Make us believe we have a choice while pulling the strings with the other hand and doing what they want. This group needs to go! We need to vote in people that actually care for this great city. This place that has grown so much since I was young. We need change and we need to be that change. Start asking questions. ESPECIALLY if they get uncomfortable with them. Remind them they work for the citizens not the other way around.

Make sure you vote next year. This way we can have a new uprising. Voters marching to the polls and making a change. That's the kind of uprising Amarillo needs.

Photo by MarketWatch

Photo by MarketWatch

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