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Publisher: Where We're Headed and Where We've Been

As Publisher of the Amarillo Pioneer, it's my pleasure to take this opportunity to look back with each of you, and share the excitement for the future. When we started the Pioneer, it would have been anyone's guess as to the level of success that we might achieve. But we have had several secret ingredients that have carried us through and generated a level of enthusiasm never before seen in Amarillo media. 

First and foremost is our relentless pursuit of the truth. Although the truth may oftentimes not be popular to those that it does not benefit, it is none the less one of our key ingredients. Truthful reporting keeps you, the reader, thirsting for the facts and energized to learn more. This trend is evident across the nation as obscure news sources appear to be increasing their influence and becoming more mainstream. Truthful reporting earns them credibility and increases their reach. Had it not have been for the stagnating condition of local printed media in Amarillo, the Pioneer would never have been possible. So to those that made this venture possible by being complacent, thanks.

Our other key ingredient to success that is completely overlooked are the young people in our organization. I take every opportunity to point out that none of us are journalists. Many of us have been chastised and degraded by members of the local mainstream media for our lack of formal journalistic training. I, however, accept these insults as a compliment. The young people that staff this newspaper do not come with a preconceived view of what their goals need to be. That makes every story an opportunity for innovation and a new experience to build on, and they do it splendidly. While others may throw rocks our way, it appears that many are tired of what has been provided in the way of local news. If you don't believe it to be true, look at the Pioneer's success. All of this can be attributed to our Editor, columnists, advertisers and you, our loyal readers.

All of these things make each of us at the Pioneer excited for the future and the new year to come. Expect new great things next year from our publication  because the news never stops, and neither does the staff at the Pioneer. For all of these things, I truly give thanks.

-Tom Warren II, Publisher

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