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Candidate Comparison: U.S. House of Representatives, District 13

Sagan, DeWeese  Photos from Campaigns

Sagan, DeWeese

Photos from Campaigns

Thornberry vs. Sagan vs. DeWeese

U.S. House, District 13 (TX)

Over the past year, we have been asking candidates running for various local and statewide offices to answer questions for our Voter Guide. While full responses are available at, we are offering you shortened versions in “Candidate Comparisons” ahead of the November election. Each response below came directly from the candidate’s questionnaire and are unedited.

Greg Sagan (Democrat)

Occupation: Retired management/leadership/corporate culture consultant

Why did you decide to run?

“I believe the Republican party in general and Congressman Mac Thornberry in particular have lost touch with the people they serve and no longer represent the needs or desires of the majority of voters.”

Do you support term limits?

“If term limits were to be seriously proposed then I would want to know how the majority/seniority system would be changed before I would take a stand. For myself, I pledge to hold office for no more than four terms in Congress.”

Why should voters choose you?

“Because I am beholden to no one but the citizens of Texas District 13, even those who do not vote for me; because I am pragmatic and "solution-oriented"; because I am not merely a conveyor of party orthodoxy; because I am educated in enduring principles of political, economic and social justice; because I am a father, grandfather and senior citizen with a practical view of how Republican economic policies place mounting burdens on regular people; and because I believe in engaging all of my constituents in productive two-way conversations as one who is their servant and not their master.”

Calvin DeWeese (Libertarian)

Occupation: Parole Officer

Why did you decide to run?

“I do not believe the average tax paying citizen is being represented in Congress.”

Do you support term limits?

“I like the idea of term limits but I also respect the right of the People to be able to elect the person they feels best represent them.”

Why should voters choose you?

“Voters should choose me because I WILL represent the people of my district and I WILL vote against any legislation that increases the tax burden on the American People. I Will vote against any legislation that takes away more of our Liberty. I WILL work to repeal legislation that is interfering with the American People's God given rights to be secure in their person and property. I Will introduce legislation to strengthen the America People's Civil Rights.”

Mac Thornberry (Republican) did not provide answers to this questionnaire.

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