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Candidate Comparison: Texas Comptroller

(FROM LEFT): Hegar, Chevalier, Sanders  Photos by Campaigns

(FROM LEFT): Hegar, Chevalier, Sanders

Photos by Campaigns

Hegar vs. Chevalier vs. Sanders

Texas Comptroller

Over the past year, we have been asking candidates running for various local and statewide offices to answer questions for our Voter Guide. While full responses are available at, we are offering you shortened versions in “Candidate Comparisons” ahead of the November election. Each response below came directly from the candidate’s questionnaire and are unedited.

Glenn Hegar (Republican)

Occupation: Incumbent Comptroller

Why did you decide to run?

“Texas’ rapid growth brings significant challenges to our infrastructure, school system, and our ability to ensure that Texas is a land of economic opportunities. I strongly believe that I have the ability to help guide our state through these real challenges and I would be honored if voters bless me with the opportunity to continue my service to this great state.”

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

“I have a long history of strong, conservative fiscal leadership. Voters know that I will fight to protect taxpayer dollars while eliminating unnecessary government waste and costly inefficiencies. ”

What will be your top priority, if elected?

“I intend to continue my efforts to focus on customer service to allow you to get what you need quicker so you can get back to business. Texas is the economic envy of the nation, but we are not without challenges.”

Joi Chevalier (Democrat)

Occupation: Founder, CEO of The Cook’s Nook

Why did you decide to run?

“I’d like to be able to restore transparency, accountability, and clarity to our finances and reporting, so that we can make informed decisions about Texas' priorities, and find opportunities to expand Texas’ prosperity to all.”

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

“My background in corporate and civic work is quite extensive, often focusing on innovative and first-time technologies, programs, and boards serving large, underserved constituencies.”

What will be your top priority, if elected?

“There’s real opportunity in several areas to push the reach and effectiveness of the office of State Comptroller.”

Ben Sanders (Libertarian)

Occupation: Consultant

Why did you decide to run?

“Seeing people lose their homes and property, higher and higher taxes, with government recklessly spending, and little accountability of the government. I have the education and background to fix this.”

What qualifies you to serve in this office?

“My previous work experience includes positions at NASA and the U.S. Army. I holds a bachelor's in biochemistry & psychology, a master's in computer science and a doctorate in Business Administration”

What will be your top priority, if elected?

“Fix the broken State Pension system for all State Employees and First Responders. Enforce the Texas Constitution's 2% property tax and permanently restore the appraisal districts reporting to the Comptroller's office 18 field offices. Ensure we have a completely transparent government with finances that anyone look at anytime to see the expenditures of every member of the Texas Government right down to individual expense reports in a simple to peal back reporting method like the one I implemented at NASA.”

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