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Carpenter Bringing Attention to Water Issues in Ag Commissioner Race

One retiree and Air Force veteran is running for Agriculture Commissioner this November, focusing on one key issue critical to West Texas - water.

Richard Carpenter, the Libertarian nominee for Texas Agriculture Commissioner, is running a campaign based primarily on bringing water issues to the forefront of one of Texas’ hottest elections. As someone who worked in the agriculture industry, Carpenter feels he is the most qualified candidate to tackle the water problems facing Texas.

“It’s critical and it takes so damn long to plan,” Carpenter said. “It’s a complex issue. Why wait until it’s a larger problem down the road. Plan now.”

If elected, Carpenter said he hopes to tackle conservation issues in urban areas and in cities to ensure water usage does not impact those working in the agriculture industry.

“It will be up to the cities and urban areas to reduce water use,” Carpenter said.

Aside from the issue of water, Carpenter said he plans to focus his efforts on supporting urban farming in Texas and addressing crop dusting issues. On urban farming, Carpenter said this issue could address the food supply as Texas’ population continues to grow and expand.

“I’m looking at city lots and allowing people the opportunity to create produce for their community,” Carpenter said. “20 years from now, we will need as much food as we can get. Locally grown, nutritious food would be best for people.”

Carpenter says that while he is running for one of Texas’ top jobs, he intends to treat the office in a fiscally responsible manner. This includes removing top officials hired by the current commissioner, and replacing them with what he calls “research assistants,” to focus on researching, understanding, and addressing issues facing Texas farmers and ranchers.

Overall, Carpenter said he hopes, win or lose, to increase the public’s understanding of water issues in Texas.

“I didn’t run for office for my ego,” Carpenter said. “I’m running because water is such an important issue and it’s critical we start planning now.”

Carpenter is running against Republican incumbent Sid Miller and Democratic candidate Kim Olson in the November election. For more information about the Carpenter campaign, please visit

Carpenter  Photo by Dusty Reins Video


Photo by Dusty Reins Video

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