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Amarillo Named One of Least Insured Cities in America

A new survey has listed Amarillo as one of the least insured cities in the entire nation.

According to a new report from WalletHub, Amarillo is considered one of the least insured cities in America. In the survey, Amarillo ranked 498 out of 547 cities surveyed for insured rates. This means Amarillo has one of the lowest scores in the entire country.

The survey found 19 percent of adults in Amarillo are uninsured, with uninsured rates for Hispanic adults higher than the 19 percent number, coming in at 26 percent. 24 percent of low-income houses are also uninsured in Amarillo, the survey says.

Overall, the survey found the most insured city in the nation to be Union City, California, while the least insured city in the survey was Mission, Texas.

For the full survey, please visit this link:

Photo by Schneider and Associates

Photo by Schneider and Associates

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