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Amarillo Pioneer to Launch 2018 Voter Guide

Beginning in mid-January, the Amarillo Pioneer will begin assembling the 2018 primary election Voter Guide.

This month, candidates running for offices across the state and locally have been invited to participate in the Amarillo Pioneer's 2018 Voter Guide. Several statewide candidates have already sent in responses, as have multiple local candidates. The responses from each of these candidates will be condensed and published in the 2018 Voter Guide.

In addition, the Amarillo Pioneer is launching a new Voter Guide feature in 2018. During this year's primary elections for both the Republican and Democratic primaries, a group of local citizens have been invited to participate in the first ever Amarillo Community Citizens' Panel. This panel will be made up of a diverse group of local citizens from many different political beliefs and occupational fields. Members of the panel will read the responses by the candidates and will vote to recommend candidates as a panel.

"By facilitating the panel, we are allowing local voters to get their voices heard," Amarillo Pioneer editor Thomas Warren III said. "The important thing to note here is that people on this panel are Republicans, Democrats, independents and everything else in between. Our main thing is since we are a community newspaper, we want the community to have its voice heard."

The panel's recommendations are those of the panelists and do not represent an endorsement by the Amarillo Pioneer. The recommendations also do not necessarily represent the beliefs of the Amarillo Pioneer, its readers, its staff, its advertisers or anyone affiliated with the newspaper. The panel will also be disbanded following the primary and will not recommend any candidates in the general election.

The Voter Guide will be updated frequently ahead of the March 6th Republican and Democratic primaries. Please visit for full election updates.

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