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Sandra McCartt: Victor Leal Deserves Support for Senator

I give a lot of thought to how I vote. In fact one of my hobbies, along with dogs and horses is politics.

I will be voting for Victor Leal for Texas State Senator. Here’s why: I have had many discussions with Victor about local, state and national politics along with much discussion about carne asada. We do not always agree on how to get there but we 99% agree about where “there” is that benefits the individual people of this city, state and nation .

Victor Leal is my neighbor (my dog Sam only tried to bite him once but Victor had on a funny hat). What I know is that if I have any scary problem at my home I will call the police then I will call Victor. Victor would beat the police, he’s closer and now he and Sam are friends. The police do not know Sam.

Due to some problems in our neighborhood Victor watches. One day he was walking and noticed kind of a scruffy looking young man standing at my door. Victor asked him if he knew me. The young man explained, no he didn’t but he was hungry and was thinking that if he could clean up the leaves in my yard he could make enough money to get dinner.

Victor could certainly have told the guy to get back on his bicycle and move on. Victor didn’t. Instead, as I opened the door, I heard Victor tell the guy to go down the block to Leal’s, tell them Victor sent him. They would fix him up with something to eat. In a few minutes the guy came back, no success. Victor smiled and said, “I guess I have them trained pretty well, let me run over to the restaurant with this guy and get him taken care of, I don’t think he meant to bother you and Sam”.

It may not sound like a big deal. It was to me because my neighbor was looking out for me. It was to the guy on the bicycle because somebody cared enough to see that he got something to eat. It was to Sam because he could quit barking and he didn’t have to bite anybody.

It wasn’t a big deal to Victor Leal because he does things like that all the time for a lot of people. That is how my neighbor Victor rolls. So when I roll into the poll he will get my vote.

-Sandra McCartt

 Photo by Leal Campaign

Photo by Leal Campaign

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