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An Interview with Nic Armstrong and the Thieves

Nic Armstrong and the Thieves are bringing their brand of musical entertainment to Amarillo on Friday, September 22nd.

The band, formerly of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in England, now plays out of Austin, Texas. Since forming, the band has gained the attention of media outlets and programs such as Rolling Stone, NME, NPR, BBC, The Late Late Show.

Tom Warren II sat down with the band, this week, ahead of their highly-anticipated show at the Golden Light Cantina to find out more about the band and what patrons can expect on Friday night.

Q: Is this your first time in Amarillo?

Armstrong: Actually, we have been to Amarillo twice. One band member had been to Tech and we thought it would be a great time.

Q: Have you been around for quite a while?

Armstrong: We started coming over in 2005 and couldn't go back after getting a taste of America. I love America because of the opportunity and community.

Q: Have you played anywhere outside of Texas.

Armstrong: I've played all over North America and recently I've played in California, Montana and Spokane. Montana is second, only to Texas. It has beautiful, wide open skies. We are on a mission to play six nights a week or more. There is a real connection with the crowd.

Q: They say music comes from the inside. Does yours come from within?

Armstrong: It comes from the heart and soul. I express myself through music. It's the heartbeat.

Q: Do you have other shows on this tour, other than Amarillo?

Armstrong: We have a show lined up in Dallas and Austin too!

Q: Where can people find out more about you?

Armstrong: Go to for live dates.

WHO: Nic Armstrong and the Thieves

WHERE: Golden Light Cantina (2906 SW 6th Ave.)

WHEN: Friday, September 22nd at 10pm

WHY: British rock and roll with a Texas twist

COST: $5


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