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WTAMU to Host Student Research Poster Session

"West Texas A&M University’s Sponsored Research Services and Cornette Library will host its first Student Research Poster Session from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 19 in the library’s First Floor Gallery.

Participants will be students who received internal funding through the President’s Undergraduate Student Research program or the Graduate Student Research program. More than 25 students are expected to participate, and each one will be available to discuss their research. Both research programs are under the guidance of the Killgore Research Committee, which is comprised of two faculty members from each college and chaired by Dr. Angela Spaulding, vice president of research and compliance.

The President’s Undergraduate Research program provides grants up to $3,500 to undergraduate students in all disciplines. Recipients must be advised in their research by a WTAMU faculty member. President’s Undergraduate Research participants are listed with research and adviser.

• James Anderson and Kyndal Davis—Effect of Distance Running on Maximal Vertical Jump Performance, Dr. Vanessa Fiaud, adviser

• Kimberly Cory—Genetic Variations of River Cooters, Dr. Rocky Ward, adviser

• Zachary Delaney—Testing Engineered Cementitious Composite—Bendable Concrete, Dr. Kenneth Leitch, adviser

• Aubrey Howard—Tissue Culture Propagation of Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus Resistant Wheat, Dr. Nabarun Ghosh, adviser

• Emily Hurst—Powering the World, One Nano Battery at a Time, Dr. Oliver Mulamba, adviser

• Jonathan Licon—Characterization of Circadian Oscillators in Cultured Gut Epithelia, Dr. Stephen Karaganis, adviser

• Erin Martin—West Texas’ Cultural Relationship with the Wind, Dr. Alex Hunt, adviser

• Zeb Rollins—Measuring Millennial Purchases of Immediate Consumables Through the Mobile Platform, Lori Westermann and Dr. Nicholas Gerlich, advisers

• William Stephens—Habitat Specific Variation in Fish Diversity in Coastal Texas Wetlands, Dr. Richard Kazmaier, adviser

• Erin Stiede—Influence of Canopy Cover on Reptiles and Amphibians, Dr. Richard Kazmaier, adviser

• Ethan Triplett—Evaluating Induced Chili Pungency on Capsicum annum by Photosynthetic Restriction, Dr. Bonnie Pendleton, adviser

The Graduate Student Research program also provides grants up to $3,500 and can be used to support the recipient’s thesis or dissertation research. The grants are open to all disciplines to provide the tools for research leading to publication. Graduate Student Research participants are listed with research and adviser.

• Hame Abdou Kadi Kadi—Efficacy of Botanicals to Control Maize Weevils in Stored Sorghum Grain, Dr. Bonnie Pendleton, adviser

• Lindsey Boman—Neurocognitive Effects of Chronic Risperidone Administration on Young Male Rats, Dr. Maxine De Butte, adviser

• Chenoa Burleson—Implicit vs. Explicit Academic Self-Efficacy in Refugee Children, Dr. Ashley Pinkham, adviser

• Michelle Caruana—Influence of Time Since Burn on Herpetofaunal Community, Dr. Richard Kazmaier, adviser

•Logan Ediger—Niche Overlap in a Coastal Wetland Aquatic Snake Community, Dr. Richard Kazmaier, adviser

• Timothy Huckaby—Genetic Structure of an Isolated Population of River Cooters, Dr. Rocky Ward, adviser

• Cassie Kirk—Variation in Age Distribution of Coyotes and Gray Foxes, Dr. Richard Kazmaier, adviser

• Cailyn Nymeyer—Father Penguin: Fathers’ Role and Behaviors During Partner Pregnancy, Dr. Ashley Pinkham, adviser

• Maria Pantazi—Metals Bioaccumulation in Sediment and Marine Species of Bulgaria, Dr. Gary Barbee, adviser

• Zahra Shihabuddin—Effect of Photoperiod and Temperature on Sugarcane Aphids on Sorghum, Dr. Bonnie Pendleton, adviser

• Sandhya Suresh—Curcumin and EGCG: Potential Cancer Therapeutics, Dr. Donna Byers, adviser

• Erica Thomas—Molecular Gender Identification of Porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) in Western Texas, Dr. Rocky Ward, adviser

• Craig Whiteside—Environmental Impacts of Atmospheric Ash Particles in the Texas Panhandle, Dr. Naruki Hiranuma, adviser

• Jonathan Zenor—Exploring Trade-Offs Between Survival and Reproduction in Yellow Mud Turtles, Dr. Richard Kazmaier, adviser"

-West Texas A&M University

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