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Fake News: Amarillo College Students Plan Fake Protest to Promote Music Festival

Students at Amarillo College are planning to take "fake news" to a whole new level this afternoon, while staging a protest to bring awareness to the Yellow City Sounds Music Festival.

Organizers of the "protest" walked the halls of the R.E. Byrd Business Building at Amarillo College today asking students to sign up to participate in the fake protest. According to one of the student organizers, the event is aimed to bring awareness to the upcoming musical festival in memorial park.

"It's not really a protest," the student told the Amarillo Pioneer, "We're doing it for the musical festival."

Students will arrive on the bridge at Southwest 24th Avenue today to hold signs promoting the festival. Interested students were asked to join the protest in the student life area of the Campus Union Building of the school.

The Yellow City Sounds Musical Festival will take place on Saturday, September 2nd at Memorial Park (2501 S. Washington). The festival kicks off at 11:30am.

Photo by Billy Hathorn, Wikipedia

Photo by Billy Hathorn, Wikipedia

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