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Texas Tech Vet School on Hold

A potential veterinary school in Amarillo is currently on hold, according to the Texas Tribune.

According to the Tribune's report, the vet school, which was recently endorsed by the Amarillo City Council, has been put on hold by the Texas Tech University system. Texas Tech had planned to ask the Texas Legislature for the green light on building the school in Amarillo, during the 2017 session. However with the current pause, the discussion may be postponed.

The City of Amarillo chipped in $15 million, during a City Council meeting earlier this year. And State Senator Kel Seliger announced his backing of the plan. The plan was highly supported for its goal of eliminating the shortage of large animal veterinarians in the panhandle, according to the Tribune.

Texas A&M University, which currently holds the only veterinary school in Texas has said that the issues discussed by Texas Tech are already resolved by A&M's school.

" “I think it’s clear to everyone that the veterinary school at Texas A&M has already addressed the concerns that Texas Tech is talking about,” Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp told the Texas Tribune. “There is no need for another veterinary college in Texas.”

Texas Tech's Board of Regents will meet later this month, to discuss the future of the school.

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