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As Departments Brace for Cuts, City Manager's Office May Receive $200k Increase in Funds

As departments across the City of Amarillo organization are bracing for potential budget cuts, few departments are receiving significant funding increases. However, according to the proposed City budget for the upcoming fiscal year, the office of Amarillo's city manager may pick up close to $200,000 in extra funding.

In the new budget draft submitted to the city council for approval, city manager Jared Miller is requesting his department receive $4,597,439 in the upcoming fiscal year's budget. This is nearly a $200,000 increase over the current fiscal year's budget for the city manager's office, as the city manager's budget for 2016-2017 was $4,412,710.

The projected increases would be result of increases in funding for personnel service, supplies and "other charges" according to the budget draft.

The city manager's budget increase is the only budget increase for any department involved in the administration of the city. Both the city secretary's office and city attorney's offices are expected to take budgetary hits. The city secretary's office is projected to receive a cut of about $170,000, while the city attorney's office is expected to lose about $43,000.

A multitude of other city departments are also projected to receive cuts. Some of those departments include: the Amarillo Police Department, the Amarillo Office of Emergency Management, Human Resources, City of Amarillo Facilities, Information Technology and Water Distribution.

The city manager's office will be one of a handful of departments that will receive budget increases if the proposed budget passes in September.

Photo by KFDA

Photo by KFDA

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